Malaysia ETS Train

There are people who have to travel as a part of their business or job. One can travel through various modes such as roadway, railway or an airway. Usually for the near distance, the roadway is a good option but for journeys, the railway and airway are two options. Compared to the railway, the airway is yet much costly, and hence for normal people, a railway is the best suitable option. There are various classes available Malaysia ETS Train from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, also to provide different types of journey experience. One can have the best experience in a first class or Second. Travelling by train from KL to KTM butterworth train can be a reliable way to reach your destination while enjoying local scenery beauty. Railway passengers are, basically, enjoying larger seats within the train rather than travelling by other means such as cars or airplane. People can move freely on the train. Passengers enjoy comfortable night’s rest.

Long Route Journey


In case one needs to go from KL to Penang train journey, it is much mandatory for him to have a confirmed ticket. Without the confirmed ticket, one has to travel in general class that may prove a nightmare due to passengers coming and going at various stations. However, it cannot be the case with First Class or Second. Hence, these categories that have all the facilities such as comfortable sitting condition, nice sleeping and easy to move atmosphere make one enjoy the trip to the fullest extent. The main important point in the long journey is food availability. The passengers obviously require lunch and dinner, and to provide them with quality food, the Department of Railways attaches a pantry car with long route train.

The Food Parcel 

In these days, there is an innovative service started by the railway to meet the food requirements of passengers. This service is known as a food parcel service that is started by entrepreneurs of the new generation in collaboration with the Indian Railways. The service is much simpler but still too useful. The passenger who requires food parcel has to contact the supplier by the way of visiting the website of the supplier or calling the toll-free number of food supplier’s customer care. The passenger can have all the information about available menu and food options. They provide different sorts of Malaysian foods. Once the option is selected, one needs to provide the destination name where he needs to have the parcel. For example, if one needs to have the food at Penang Railway Station, he can select the Kang station as the delivery destination. The delivery boy comes to the station at the seat number provided by the passenger to hand over the food parcel. Thus, by the simple way of communication, one can have food at Penang or at KL.

The Payment System

The payment to the train tickets supplier can be made by online mode or offline mode. One can also use his debit card or credit card for the payment on the website. The passenger can also pay through net banking option. In offline mode, one can pay the amount at the station to hand over the food parcel.